Minera Escondida Foundation


In 1996, Minera Escondida Foundation was created as an autonomous, non-profitable organization. We are privileged to be both Minera Escondida’s foundation and being able to manage a wide range of resources which enable us to provide enough energy to local development, therefore achieving our projects with high excellence standards.

Yet paving the way to become the very first foreign-investment mining company in the country during the 80’s, Minera Escondida’s initiative to set a foundation became a great challenge bearing in mind its attempt to pursue a company-community communication and relationship, a task considered innovative in those years.


Primer Directorio fundación Minera Escondida

From our very beginning, we have turned our efforts into improving the community’s life standards in the Region of Antofagasta, based on a strong teamwork and a tight collaborative work with organizations we happen to work with. Hence, we spend time and effort at setting networks so as the social spectrum becomes tougher in the region.


All of our initiatives are focused on making impact in the region’s human and social capital, being our main target project developments in Education and Social Participation.


We essentially centre our efforts on implementing the ‘First Infancy’ program, which along with it teaching practices and children’s learning skills are also improved. This project is structured on three main work bases: school, family and community integration.

In terms of Social Participation, we are endeavored in making the community more involved with social issues, from an active and pro-positive perspective. Thus, we directly tackle current social differences and bear out the importance of strengthening social capital for community development.

For further contact and information, or solving doubts, please email us at informativo@fme.cl or dial free toll 800 48 70 48.